I’ve been enjoying posting for #GinADayMay 2020 and thought it would be good to collect the posts to look back at in the future. These are from Instagram as they were more detailed and the #hashtags have mainly been removed

Day 1: Introductions #GinADayMay I’m Fiona and I’m a writer. I’m the author of 2 gin books YORKSHIRE’S GINS + The GIN CLAN. Gin has become something of a speciality recently, but I love finding the story behind any product – preferably one you can eat or drink @gin_a_ding_ding yorkshiresgins.co.uk @gnbooks

Day 2: G&T The end of a sunny day just demands a G&T – and so today my favourite destination in these strange times seemed the perfect place for a mini g&t for #GinADayMay Cheers #newhaven #edinburgh

Day 3: A shelf of gin. #GinADayMay #shelfie People think if you write a gin book you must have lots of bottles of gin. I don’t – although there are more than this. Cheers

Day 4: A book for #ginadaymay? It has to be YORKSHIRE’S GINS. It’s the new kid on the block – only six weeks old. #ginadaymay The stories behind 60 gins, their makers and distilleries. And how they fit into the wonderful Yorkshire landscape. yorkshiresgins.co.uk @gnbooksGADMFL01Day 5: Local #ginadaymay always difficult to single out one gin. So I picked this on the basis that White House Gin from Otley was the last of the gin entries I wrote for YORKSHIRE’S GINS. And so it was the gin I drank in celebration when I had written the final words of the book a week or so later. Neatly, its home is also close to Bramhope and Ilkley where my grandparents lived. Cheers @whitehousedistillery
Comment from: whitehousedistillery Hi Fiona, thank you for selecting our gin for Day 5. I will raise a glass to you and your excellent book, it’s been brilliant checking out and speaking to a few of my fellow Yorkshire distillers, cheers to all, stay safe and support your local distillery

Day 7: orange for #GinADayMay Is Buck’s Fizz with a shot of gin acceptable? With toast and orange marmalade … for a late breakfast? Surely It must be gin o’clock somewhere? And just look at the stem of the glass – second image #millennium #2000

Day 8: Bottles #GinADayMay In Yorkshire that can only mean @allied_glass They transport many of the county’s gins in v special designs. Check @masonsyorkshiregin for its Yorkshire rose base, @locksleystill for its embossed bottle & @folklore_distillery for intricate design but there are many more

Day 9: Pairing #ginadaymay Keeping it simple: G&T with cashew nuts. Salty snacks are always good with a dry gin & the tang of lime and tonic Cheers

Day 10: Bathtub #GinADayMay It was the perfect place to relax after a day spent writing YORKSHIRE’S GINS. All my Yorkshire bottles still have gin in them so add lights to @DaffysGin @TheLeithGin bottles, mix @RadoxUK with hot water and soak.

Day 11: Behind the scenes #GinADayMay A toss up between a distillery visit or author’s life. After a long shift on newspaper today the simple solution is to reveal my secret “antidote to words” is a walk: tonight it was at 9:30 as the sun slid beyond the horizon.  #authorsescape

Day 12: Homemade #GinADayMay Why wouldn’t cranberry gin work? Substitute berry for sloe; add vanilla, sugar; wait; taste; wait. Still not there. Maybe more sugar? Will keep tinkering to see how it develops.

Day 13: Cocktails #ginadaymay In the 1990s the “hottest” invitation in August was to “Fiona’s Festival Fireworks Pimms Party” before going up to the fireworks concert on Princes St. I even had a red bucket kept specially for the Pimms. A cocktail was a dilemma today as I don’t really “do” cocktails so in lockdown I don’t have the ingredients. But then I remembered my old friend the ultimate ready-mixed gin cocktail. There was even cucumber and an can of lemonade in the fridge. Better still my branded cocktail sticks were in a drawer and the pail in the shed (less red than it once was). Best of all the sun’s out. Cheers.   @pimmsgb @schweppesgb

Day 14: Eco friendly #ginadaymay Green credentials are key ingredients for modern gins. Chris and Abbie use them to good effect at Cooper King Distillery in Yorkshire. They plant trees; keep bees; refill gin bottles and use talented craftspeople. My favourite is the use of a piece of stone from York Minster for the entrance sign. @cooperkingdistillery

Day 15: Botanical #ginadaymay Probably the most unusual botanical I came across in researching YORKSHIRE’S GINS was honeyberry. Aimee and Oliver at Northern Fox in Beverley used the berries (which taste like a cross between a gooseberry and a blueberry) from a neighbouring farmer. Honeyberry is a relative newcomer to UK farms and had been used in a Scottish gin but this Northern Fox gin is an English first. @foxgins @purehoneyberry